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S3E6 Self-ID: Scotland, Westminster, and the fight for gender recognition - with Charlie Craggs

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Scotland recently joined approximately 30 countries in implementing a progressive gender self-identification law. The Gender Recognition Reform Bill, aiming to streamline the process of transgender people obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate, passed by 86 votes to 39. But the celebrations were short-lived. 
The British government - or, one member of that government, the Scottish Secretary of State Alister Jack, - blocked the Bill in an unprecedented move and constitutional first. Fears were cited that legislation could have an adverse impact on the Equality Act 2010, and therefore across the UK in areas like single sex spaces.
Transgender people do not need a Gender Recognition Certificate to access any single-sex spaces. But across the media, Scotland’s Gender Recognition Reform Bill was linked with transgender access to single-sex spaces.
So what happened? What changes did the Bill actually propose? This week, Media Storm speaks to transgender people who have applied for Gender Recognition Certificates, about what the changes mean in real life, and asks what we can learn from other countries like Iceland and Ireland that already have progressive Self-ID laws in place.
We're joined in the studio by author, actress, and activist Charlie Craggs to discuss media representation of the transgender community and gender self-ID. 

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Scotland Ministerial Statement 

Statement of reasons related to the use of section 35

Gender Recognition Reform Bill factsheet

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Mermaids’ research into newspaper coverage on trans issues

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