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In this week’s bonus episode, Helena and Mathilda have an announcement to make… they have started a Patreon! You can access it at
This is a chance for us to build a community space for our Media Storm listeners, where we can discuss ideas, share bonus material and get to know you all a little better! It’s also a chance for you to contribute to the work being done at Media Storm, if and how you can.
In this bonus episode, we’re also trialling some new bonus material as requested by listeners. You’ll hear an uncut interview from last week’s investigation about 'Medical cannabis and the criminalisation of chronic pain'. If you haven’t yet heard it, we encourage you to go back and listen first.
This raw material features our full-length interview with Dr Steve Hajioff, who will tell you all you need to know about how cannabis regulation works in the UK, and how cannabis interacts with the body to produce medicinal effects. It should also gives you some sense of just how much interview time goes into a single one of our investigations - which typically contain five or more interviews like this, all cut together in a 20-minute adventure!
Get in touch and let us know what kind of bonus material you’d like to see - whether it’s raw material like this, more episodes of our ‘This Is How You Do It’ interview series featuring media change makers, offcuts from studio discussions, Q&As with listeners, or anything else at all. You can reach us at or on social media @mediastormpod.
The episode is created by Mathilda Mallinson (@mathildamall) and Helena Wadia (@helenawadia). The music is by Samfire (@soundofsamfire).
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