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S3E1 Radical thinking: How to fight the far-right - with Nigel Bromage

Warning: mentions of sexual violence 
As political polarisation stretches us to breaking point, co-hosts Mathilda and Helena head to the shadowy fringes of society to find out what pushes people to the far-right, and how we can pull them back.
For its season launch, Media Storm puts these questions to reformed Neo-Nazis, far-right grooming victims and undercover counter-extremists. We investigate the recruitment tactics of violent terrorists attempting to spread hatred, and uncover proof that mainstream media and politicians may be playing into their hands.
The episode features a deep-dive into a terrorist attack that no one remembers… the bombing of a Dover migrant centre late last year, that came with comments by the UK Home Secretary about an “invasion on our southern border”. Dr Rajan Basra unveils the untold story of the radicalisation of Andy Leak: what should’ve been a lesson for us all, but was lost to a 24-hour news cycle.
For part two, we're joined in the studio by former neo-Nazi, turned founder of Exit Hate UK, Nigel Bromage, to pick apart what the mainstream media could do better to tackle extremism.
Exit Hate UK offers non-judgemental support for individuals & families impacted by far-right extremism. For support please contact

Julia Ebner @julie_renbe

Dr Rajan Basra @rajanbasra

Nigel Bromage @EXITUK1


Media guidelines for reporting on extremism:

US press review:

Dover fake news story:

Home Office data on ethnicity and grooming gangs, 2020: 

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