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S2E5 Climate frontlines: The truth about Big Oil - with Thimali Kodikara

Warning: References to stillbirth
Scorching heatwaves and ‘red weather warnings’ have brought climate change onto our doorstep and into our headlines. But hidden from view - be it by distance, dense jungles or disinformation - the effects of the eco-disaster have already taken hold.
This week, we hear from communities on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction. The king of Ogale in Nigeria tells us why his community is taking Shell to court, and villagers along the Niger Delta describe the impact of oil pollution—environmental, cultural and political.
Are the companies behind this production guilty of ‘greenwashing’? Is that even legal? And could the media be doing more to hold them to account? Mathilda and Helena discuss all this and more with Thimali Kodikara, the producer of Mothers of Invention podcast.
The episode is hosted by Mathilda Mallinson (@mathildamall) and Helena Wadia (@helenawadia).
Guest handles

Leigh Day International @leighdayintl

Caroline Dennett @GreenGodless

Sophie Marjanac @SMarjanacCE, Client Earth @ClientEarth

Thimali Kodikara IG: @oneloudbellow, TW: @apathysuckseggs


Researchers: Isabella Crispino, Mafalda Lorijn, Izzie Addison

Fact-checker: Camilla Tiana

Sound technician in Nigeria: Okoro Onyekachi Emmanuel @KachiUndiluted,

Music: Samfire @soundofsamfire

Producers: Tom Salinsky and Deborah Frances-White


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