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Visiting London's 'Decriminalised Futures' sexhibition

Laws that criminalise certain aspects of sex work force people into unsafe, unregulated environments, where they become even more vulnerable. Last week, on International Women’s Day, we joined the Sex/Work Strike and heard the rallying cry from protestors campaigning for the full decriminalisation of sex work.
But what might a 'decriminalised future' look like? This week, Media Storm heads to a new exhibition at London's Institute of Contemporary Arts, featuring artwork and installations by sex workers themselves, to find out.
Two of those involved, Yarli Allison and Letizia Miro, join Media Storm to talk about their semi-fictional documentary 'This is Not For Clients', which features in the exhibition, exploring labour conditions and survival. 

Yarli Allison @yarliallison

Letizia Miro @MissLetiziaMiro @letiziamiro

ICA exhibition 'Decriminalised Futures': 
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