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S1E7 Homelessness: The hidden figures - with Kai Samra

Warning: Strong language
Official homelessness statistics are a fraction of the numbers that charities claim to exist. Is someone sugarcoating the data? Is it a genuine mistake? Or are we looking in wrong places?
With fines and sentences for sleeping on the streets, the UK and many other countries make no apologies for targeting rough sleeping. Temporary accommodation facilities earn private contractors hundreds of millions in state benefits every year. But are they actually helping, or just keeping the problem behind closed doors?
This week, Media Storm speaks to people who are and have been homeless. They expose some disconcerting truths about these state-supported lodgings, systemic attempts to remove vulnerable people from public view, and the catastrophic levels of homelessness lying hidden in the wings. Comedian Kai Samra joins us in the studio to take a look at some of the latest headlines on homelessness, and discuss what reporting on the topic often gets wrong.
Your hosts:

Mathilda Mallinson @mathildamall

Helena Wada @helenawadia

Your guests:

Kai Samra @kaisamra

Benjay Crossman @benjaycrossman

Earl Charlton @earljc78 @nehest2014

Kerri Douglas @kerridouglas18

Paul Atherton @LondonersLondon


Introductory statistics: (official 1) ; (official 2) ; (Crisis)

Profits for accommodation providers:

Care leavers: (Guardian) ; (official)

Vagrancy Act:

Prison releases:

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