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Intersectionality and body image

Content warning: Eating disorders
"New Year, New You": that’s the message you've probably heard in the mainstream media for the last month. On last week’s episode Fatphobia: Healthcare by Size, we dissected how the mainstream news media helps the diet industry profit off of our insecurities. But - the conversation doesn’t end here, and that’s because fatphobia doesn’t affect all plus-size people in the same way. Various intersections, such as race, or gender identity, or queerness, can change the way people experience body image. We asked author & journalist Stephanie Yeboah and author & artist Essie Dennis to tell us more about their experiences of body image and intersectionality. Stephanie spoke about the Body Positive movement's erasure of plus-size black women and why she feels the movement no longer represents her, and Essie told us about her new book Queer Body Power and finding positivity in a world that tells you to just be smaller...
Stephanie Yeboah (@stephanieyeboah) is a content creator, journalist, and the author of Fattily Ever After.
Essie Dennis (@khal_essie) is an artist and owner of the art shop Queer In Colour. She is also the author of Queer Body Power, out on March 21st.
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