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Are refugees really 'stealing our homes'?

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A few weeks ago we released an episode about temporary accommodation, social housing, and how the media reports on it - if you haven't heard it, scroll back and search for "Housing crisis: A lifetime in 'temporary' accommodation".
In this bonus episode, you'll hear us discussing an article that we couldn't quite fit into the main episode - from the Daily Mail, the headline reads "Fury as migrants allowed out of RAF asylum accommodation 'riddled with scurvy and scabies' to stay with relatives - with some even being 'moved back to taxpayer funded hotels'"
Our guest, Kwajo Tweneboa, is a social issues campaigner leading the charge for meaningful housing reform. But another social issue he cares deeply about is refugee rights. And in this bonus episode, we’re going to see how the two meet - how those in insecure housing and refugees are often pitted against each other, to distract us from the real problem.

Kwajo Tweneboa @Kwajotweneboa

Helena Wadia @helenawadia

Mathilda Mallinson @mathildamall

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