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S3E11 The solutions: Undoing an institutionally racist police force

Episode transcript:
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This is the final instalment of Media Storm’s three-part investigation into racially discriminatory police recruitment: and it’s time to talk solutions.
What needs to be done to ensure that Black applicants to UK police forces are no longer 60% more likely to be rejected than White ones? Is internal reform enough, or are more radical measures needed?
This episode investigates positive action schemes and revolutionary models of community policing. The hosts brainstorm with the UK’s best-performing police force when it comes to minority pass rates, Dyfed-Powys in Wales, as well as former and serving police officers with expertise in recruitment and lived experience of racial profiling and discrimination.
The episode is created by Mathilda Mallinson (@mathildamall) and Helena Wadia (@helenawadia). The music is by Samfire (@soundofsamfire).
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Karen Geddes, The Thin Black Line @KarenGeddesQPM

Karyn Howells, Dyfed-Powys Recruitment Lead

Nia Rees, Dyfed-Powys Positive Action Officer

Dr Pete Jones, psychologist @fatwhitebloke

Brendan O’Brien, Bluelight founder

Charles Ehikioya, Metropolitan Black Police Association @ChazzzaCr

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