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S3E5 Police: Behind the PR machine - with Leroy Logan and Chantelle Lunt

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The Conservatives succeeded in their manifesto pledge to recruit 20,000 new police officers by 2023. But with growing awareness of sexism, racism and violent offending within the police, is this for better or worse? Media Storm has uncovered early evidence that racist recruitment practices were at play, with Black applicants more than 40% more likely to be rejected than White applicants.
This finding is consistent with data from the College of Policing that spans forces across England and Wales, as well as averages taken across the 12 individual forces that provided Media Storm access to their records.
A spokeswoman from the College of Policing responded: “Policing is currently more diverse than it has ever been before. Our data which is based on all 43 forces within England and Wales shows an increase of 15.9% of Ethnic Minority and 19.3% of Black candidates passing the assessment process since May 2020, ensuring we are now better able than ever to represent the communities we are serving.
"College of Policing encourages all forces to interview candidates following success at the online assessment process. We provide guidance on the interview process to ensure all recruits are consistently and fairly assessed to the same high standards.
"Whilst we are proud that policing is the most diverse it has ever been, we recognise that there is more to be done to be a fully inclusive organisation. We are working hard alongside forces to understand all aspects of the recruitment process and how to ensure it is as fair and consistent as possible.”
Media Storm is off in search of police officers who will tell us what’s going on behind the PR machine. They shine a light on internal problems ranging from grassroots cultures to leadership structures, and external problems like politics and (yes, you guessed it) the mainstream media.
Mathilda and Helena are joined in the studio by Dr Leroy Logan MBE (@LeroyLogan999), founding member of the Black Police Association and one of the original officers to testify to institutional racism during the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, and Chantelle Lunt (@chantellelunt), Merseyside police officer-turned-BLM Leader. They pick apart mainstream media mistruths and policing PR and discuss how we can work together to bring about positive change.
The episode is created by Mathilda Mallinson (@mathildamall) and Helena Wadia (@helenawadia). The music is by Samfire (@soundofsamfire).
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