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Homelessness and how to help us

Media Storm presented by Mathilda Mallinson and Helena Wadia
Bonus Episode: Homelessness and how to help, by people who've been there
Last episode, Media Storm investigated homelessness behind closed doors: the hidden figures in hostels, cafes, on nightbuses or couch-surfing. This week, we look at the homelessness on our streets: the people we can see, how they get treated, and what we the public could do better. The answers are brought to you by people in the know - people who've been in that position. This is what to do when you see a homeless person, by people who've been homeless themselves.
Your hosts:
Mathilda Mallinson @mathildamall
Helena Wadia @helenawadia  
Kerri Douglas @KerriDouglas18
Earl Charlton @EarlCharlton2
Chase Archer Evans @HomelessAss
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